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Vietnam – The Rising Star

25 years of peace and prosperity has brought out another one of their great qualities: business acumen

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Getting Growth Right

In this White Paper, XAct Solutions principal Byron Patching explains how the right distribution network design can expedite and ensure FMCG success in a fast-growing, emerging market.

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Distribution Centre Design Video

We build detailed virtual models to design efficient distribution centres.

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Case Study: Vietnamese Supermarket Chain

With a growing and evolving market, Saigon Co-op needed to prepare for growth through improvement in efficiency and people capability.

The Situation:

  • Vietnamese economy growing rapidly (6% per year)
  • Changing demographics in the population
  • Existing processes very manual
  • Seeking to improve efficiency and people capability in anticipation of growth, with an automated DC and major change program

The Outcome:

  • DC design on track to reduce footprint by 10% and overall costs by 10%
  • Inventory reduced 5%
  • Transport costs reduced 5%
  • Pick productivity improved by 25%
  • People capability improved among current and emerging leadership
  • Outcomes exceeded original targets
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