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Case Study: Global Medical Manufacturer – National Transport RFP

“We have minimal visibility of our network and want to run an RFP to improve our processes.”

The Situation:

  • Minimal visibility of transport task
  • Legacy arrangements in place with carriers
  • Prior benchmarking had identified opportunity across price and process improvement.

The Outcome:

  • Annualised benefit of 10 to 20%
  • Rationalisation of carriers with improved performance metrics.

The Client:

The Client is a world leading manufacturer of medical devices and equipment.

The Situation:

The Client had minimal visibility of the entire transport task, with many legacy arrangements in place with carriers. Prior benchmarking completed by XAct Solutions identified opportunity across price and visibility/control for the Client.

The Process:

XAct Solutions led the RFP process following the first five phases of XAct’s proven procurement methodology.

  • XAct led the Baseline phase to define service/ operational and process requirements, establish.
  • AS-IS cost baseline & identify opportunities to determine freight and logistics solutions.
  • XAct then developed the RFP word, quantitative and qualitative response documents.
  • XAct then managed respondents, co-ordinated site visits, ensured operational understanding was clear, maintained central repository of all respondent Q&A activity and communications.
  • XAct assessed responses and evaluated from a qualitative, quantitative and risk perspective. XAct prepared a final selection and recommendation report for the Client.
  • XAct supported the client with the transition and implementation of a new carrier for the most sensitive freight task.

The Outcome:

The RFP process led by XAct Solutions yielded 10 to 20% in annualised benefit, with further upside of greater visibility/control of dedicated metropolitan fleet (delivery to hospitals and return logistics).