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Industry Experience

Agri Business Growing, Processing and Distribution

The industry is characterized by large-scale harvesting, processing and movement of crops and crop derivatives, for the most part in a seasonal window. The supply chain nodes require great elasticity at peak season, and moving bulk product quickly and to quality standards through controlled channels is the key challenge. We have worked with the largest industry player in the ANZ region and understand the specialized nature of working in these supply chains.

The industry supply chain strategy solutions and freight and logistic solutions that we have solved across this sector include

  • Demand planning to manage capacity constraints
  • Visibility across the supply chain
  • Analysing options for insourcing and outsourcing supply chain equipment
  • Network configuration and location of storage and processing nodes
  • International bulk shipping procurement approaches
  • Spot buy versus longer term commitment of supply chain providers
  • Procurement of specialised logistics services and equipment

We have a long-standing partnership with one of Australia’s largest agricultural providers. Our engagements have covered a variety of areas such as the development of a supply chain strategy for an individual business unit, execution of a national transport and warehouse procurement process, development of a national transport strategy and the review of supply chain operations across group-wide business units to identify quick wins and strategic opportunities.

Specifically, in an engagement where we developed a national transport strategy, XAct Solutions designed a bespoke operating model that was agile, flexible and aligned to the nuances of the agricultural industry (e.g. where origin and destination lanes change with harvest yields, commodity market fluctuations and local/ global demand drivers).

We have partnered with industry leaders across the region including:

  • GrainCorp
  • Rice Growers
  • Sunrice
  • Perfection Fresh