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Industry Experience

Financial Services and Private Equity

The region’s public and privately held corporations are constantly under the scrutiny of private equity groups. The frequency of private equity ownership changes is steady in the mature markets of ANZ, however they are quite dynamic and growing in the SE Asian markets.

The PE market is driven by the ability to see value-enhancing opportunities, through acquisition, partial takeover, JVs or seed funding. Supply chains – being a pivotal element of many large manufacturing and consumer facing businesses – are a prime target for value creating opportunities.

We have partnered consistently with several groups to unravel complex supply chains of target businesses, and determine the benefits that can be achieved, and the required level of investment to achieve them. Our work in this space demands pace and focus – and we have developed a rapid fire diagnostic capability that allows us to cut through the ambiguity, and deliver definitive answers for our partners.

The industry supply chain strategy solutions that we have implemented across this sector include:

  • Analysing benefits from supply chain operations efficiency improvements
  • Understanding the investments and timeframes involved to bring the supply chain up to the required standard
  • Assessing available synergies through consolidating multiple business supply chains
  • Analysing hidden risks and issues with logistics property, materials handling equipment or technology

One of the largest private equity transactions in Australian retail was the 2006 transfer of the country’s largest department store Myer, to private equity ownership. XAct Solutions was involved in the due diligence process, providing our expertise on the structural changes and investment required to extricate Myer from the Coles Myer group logistics operations and establish an independent supply chain to serve the Myer fleet of stores.

We then led the subsequent design and implementation of the future distribution network. The entire network including four distribution centres – one a greenfield in Sydney – and SE Asian logistics partners was up and running in less than 18 months, and delivering massive savings to the business compared to the previous operations. This project was emblematic of the transformational work we do and the speed and proficiency at which we operate.

We have ongoing relationships with several partners across the APAC region including:

  • Anchorage Partners
  • Blackstone
  • Colonial First State
  • ING Bank
  • Livingbridge
  • Quadrant
  • TPG