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Industry Experience


Governments at all levels have to deal with increasing complexity in designing and delivering supply chain infrastructure projects. Responsible departments face challenges possessing sufficient inhouse expertise to cover an extraordinary breadth of complexity associated with physical logistics projects. Adequately engaging stakeholders is paramount to a project proceeding beyond feasibility. 

Our knowledge of ANZ logistics networks and their users has seen us play an advisory or design role in many high profile government projects.

The industry supply chain strategy solutions as well as freight and logistic solutions that we have implemented across this sector include:

  • Freight transportation route optimisation
  • Decisions on major infrastructure sizing and location
  • Business case viability for logistics infrastructure
  • Freight volumes forecasting to determine requirements

We partnered with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to develop a solution for shifting freight activities to non-peak periods to maximise efficiencies across the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). As the CBD’s population and economy continues to prosper, delivering goods into the city will become more difficult.

XAct Solutions developed a tailored re-timing program for the Sydney CBD considering the transport network complexities and capabilities. This included the successful engagement with trial participants to demonstrate first-hand that re-timing can be beneficial and is feasible. XAct’s work was published on the Sydney CBD freight website (

Our knowledge of end user freight volumes and their future directions has seen us partner with the Victorian Government providing analysis and forecasting as inputs to the planning of major infrastructure including the future container port of Melbourne.

We have partnered with several government bodies across ANZ including: 

  • Blacktown Council
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Melbourne Ports Authority
  • NSW Department of Transport
  • Port of Hastings
  • Vic Department of Transport
  • Vic Justice and Regulation Department
  • Wodonga City Council