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Industry Experience

Logistics Hubs – Ports, Airports and Intermodal Terminals

The rapid catch-up development of logistics infrastructure across the ANZ region has seen a need to leverage specialist players that bring unique expertise and enhance the likely successful outcome of complex projects.

This trend will continue with freight-related infrastructure funding now an increased priority from all levels of government and highlights the importance of freight and logistic solutions. The central theme is the need to remove pressure from congested highways along the Australian eastern seaboard, and move more freight by rail.

Similarly, airport passenger and freight terminals are experiencing record volumes of movements which are forecast to grow substantially, so the functionality of these are under review. The freight agenda is now firmly about integration, seamless, efficient transfer movements across all modes of transport.

In this context we have had the opportunity to support both governments and corporations to plan, design and redesign their hubs and terminals functionality. These projects have seen us work both as subcontractors or directly to some of the most significant terminals and logistics hubs in the region.

The industry supply chain solutions we have provided across this sector include:

  • Reducing cargo terminal operation congestion
  • Increasing throughput of cargo
  • Optimising airport passenger/ freight usage
  • Process design of airport terminal catering logistics
  • Business case viability for intermodal terminals
  • Freight volumes forecasting to determine port related infrastructure requirements

We have recently worked on Sydney Airport with the development of the Master Plan for the airport that governs development until 2039. XAct used its logistics expertise to determine feasible locations and footprints for air freight handling facilities, taking into account the intra-airport freight flows.

This follows previous projects with Sydney Airport Corporation, where we developed a ramp operations strategy. This answered key questions on the process and infrastructure required to enable optimal ground handling at Sydney Airport.

Auckland Airport Authority is another regional player we have continuously worked with on several engagements. Recently we conducted a feasibility study incl. travel time measurements to assess the viability of a new location for the air freight handling precinct.

We have partnered with industry leaders across the region including:

  • Aecom
  • Auckland Airport
  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Hobart Airport
  • Moorebank Intermodal Terminal
  • Sydney Airport Corporation
  • Vic Government North East Link Authority
  • Wodonga Logistics Hub

Client Challenge

Sydney Airport needed a plan for airfreight operations as part of their overall airport master plan for 2039.

The Situation:

  • Sydney Airport is the largest and busiest Australian airport.
  • Passenger and air cargo rates expected to climb.
  • Air cargo space becoming limited due to terminal expansion.

The Outcome:

  • Client now has clear direction for future changes needed to accommodate growing traffic.
  • Client plans to implement all aspects of Freight Master Plan 2039.
  • Sydney Airport will continue to liaise with state government and other stakeholders.

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