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Industry Experience

Post, Parcel delivery and Logistics Service Providers

Rising consumer take-up of ecommerce across the region has seen a desire to achieve excellence in website order management and online order fulfilment, in particular the last mile delivery. Specialist online players led by Amazon have built a scale in some parts of the world that allows them to challenge the incumbent parcel and post operators with their own solutions. That is not the case in Asia Pacific region, at least not yet.

This changing landscape has, however, seen the emergence of specialist providers and freight brokers, but in the middle are the incumbent mail service organisations, who in recent times have been faced with rapidly declining mail volumes and high growth of parcel delivery requirements. We have years of experience in this sector, helping our clients navigate rapid change in consumer service requirements.

Embedded in the industry we advise in are the logistics providers themselves. Indeed many of our people have had previous careers with these organisations. It is a fragmented industry, particularly in the provision of transportation services, but because we work in the industry on a daily basis and often craft solutions that require the provider’s involvement, we have a unique understanding of their culture and capabilities.

Every day, our team is helping clients excel at procuring the services of logistics providers. However we also advise some of the biggest providers across the in delivering better solutions to our industry clients across the region, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, India, and China.

The problems that we have solved with supply chain strategy solutions for post, parcel delivery and logistics providers include:

  • Distribution network design addressing centralised versus decentralized configurations
  • Configuring transport and last mile delivery approaches
  • Designing vehicle types and fit outs for varying tasks
  • Optimising an industrial property portfolio
  • Designing distribution centres including sortation automation systems
  • Supply chain visibility systems

We have partnered with one of the largest post and parcel providers in ANZ facing the challenges of ecommerce impacts and the growth of parcel delivery volumes and changes in service requirements. We used our Sirius Network modelling tool to navigate the scale of this many-to-many network, and deliver a contemporary and flexible future solution. We are currently in the next stage of designing new leading-edge parcel processing centres. Case Study: New Zealand Post

In Thailand we have partnered with a leading provider of market entry services designing a distribution centre that brings together two business units into a state-of-the-art facility that embraces clever and appropriate automation.

We have partnered with industry leaders across the region including:

  • Axima
  • Ceva
  • Couriers Please
  • DHL
  • DKSH
  • Kerry Logistics
  • NZ Post
  • Silk
  • Swire Cold Storage
  • Toll

Client Challenge

Growing demand had led to pressure on our network. We needed to increase our capacity and prepare for future growth.

The Situation:

  • Growth of eCommerce, parcel and packet volumes putting significant pressure on the network
  • Network operations complex due to different flows for sortation of mail and packets and courier parcels
  • Sortation capacity needed to grow with volume, be able to deal with peak processing nearly double the average, and provide flexibility.

The Outcome:

  • Strategy for an efficient modular processing network backbone developed
  • Designed to grow with demand
  • Provided capabilities to differentiate the client from their competitors.

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