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Demand and Supply Planning Solutions

We help clients optimise their Demand and Supply planning processes with a focus on integration, visibility and timeliness to drive significantly lower logistics costs, inventory investment and higher product availability.

  • Well integrated demand and supply planning processes and supporting systems are the lynchpin of successful business operations
  • XAct Solutions have a team that has lead and operated the largest demand and supply planning process in the APAC region
  • The landscape for planning systems is broad, with a diverse range of solutions including best-of-breed and enterprise systems
  • XAct Solutions can help diagnose process issues and redesign them, model inventory requirements various scenarios, and determine the planning system business requirements
  • We can also run the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to help you drive value from your market evaluation process, choose the right program for you, and help you implement it

The right planning processes can have a dramatic impact on business efficiency and customer satisfaction – and ultimately bottom line business performance.

Our experience across a range of industries positions us to help our clients address all aspects of planning issues, from process redesign issues through to significant planning systems transformations.

We underpin our solutions with rigorous methodologies that aim to provide integration of demand and supply, create visibility to issues across the supply chain and ensure that decisions can be made in a timely manner. Our diagnosis capability identifies the issues in your planning processes, suggests remedies to these issues, and using our deep-dive modelling tools, provides the quantifiable benefits that support transformation.

When systems changes are required, XAct Solutions can deploy our skilled planning team to assist as you define what is required to support the business, as well as design and implement the solution that best fits your needs.

Having industry experts advocating on your behalf ensures your business receives a solution that will truly work for you, and deliver tangible results. In addition to helping you choose a systems platform, we can run the tender process to drive value, negotiate contracts on your behalf, and drive the full systems implementation lifecycle.