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Demand and Supply Planning Solution

Inventory Optimisation

An inventory management plan is the plan a business puts in place for its inventory at each node of the supply chain, in order to avoid shortages or large surplus.

Optimal inventory planning takes into account factors such as the accuracy in forecasting demand, supplier and customer delivery lead times, product replenishment cycles and order quantities. The optimal amount of inventory to be positioned at each node in the supply chain involves a complex evaluation of the combined impact of each of these factors.

XAct Solutions has a specialised Inventory Module for our Sirius Network Modelling application, which can be deployed to analyse your supply chain. This allows for the quantification of your cycle and safety stock requirements across each node including multi-tiered supply chain configurations.

Our modelling involves predicting your inventory value outcomes based on changes to the key input parameters. This allows you to make process change and system investments with full knowledge of the benefits to be delivered to your business.