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Freight and Logistics Solutions

Design, source, procure, manage and optimise your freight and logistics services to ensure cost efficient, compliant and high-quality outcomes.

  • Freight is essential to satisfying customers’ needs
  • Great cost savings can be made by improving freight and logistics efficiency
  • A focus on high utilisation of resources, visibility, control and route optimisation is key

Freight transport is a key part of the supply chain, as by definition, customers can only be satisfied if product gets to them when they need it, in the condition they need it, and at the right cost.

Freight also has the potential to be a very costly part of doing business, so efficiency and optimisation are crucial. This applies whether a product is being shipped internationally or simply transported by road vehicle from one suburb to another.

Through optimal utilisation of vehicles and careful planning of routes, great savings can be made, and customer satisfaction can be increased. Reducing distances travelled, labour hours, and resolving underutilisation of vehicles are key to improving results.

For clients using a Logistics Service Provider (LSP), procuring favourable rates and improving processes can also have a major impact on costs. These are all areas of expertise for XAct Solutions.

We have delivered a wide range of transport, warehouse and logistics outsourcing projects across a diverse spectrum of industries, consistently achieving significant reduction in cost while also improving service performance, relationships and compliance.

With decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the current market, our industry expertise is second to none. From outsourcing, negotiating and implementing contracts to utilising your own fleet more effectively, we know how to maximise the efficiency of your transport and logistics services.

Our operational and subject matter expertise has been developed through real-world experience in both corporate and logistics service provider organisations. This translates into practical and achievable solutions based on capability and experience.

Our systematic methodology, processes and tools, combined with our exceptional benchmarking and project management capabilities, enable us to efficiently deliver client specific recommendations, and partner with clients to implement them.

This all leads to results: we achieve an average of 17% net savings for our freight and logistics clients across Asia Pacific.

Client Challenge

We have minimal visibility of our network and want to run an RFP to improve our processes.

The Situation:

  • Minimal visibility of transport task
  • Legacy arrangements in place with carriers
  • Prior benchmarking had identified opportunity across price and process improvement.

The Outcome:

  • Annualised benefit of 10 to 20%
  • Rationalisation of carriers with improved performance metrics.

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