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Freight and Logistics Solutions

International Logistics Procurement

International logistics deals with the more complex logistics landscape organisations face when implementing logistics across national borders.

This might involve any stage of the supply chain, from sourcing products to manufacturing right through to delivery. It may include imports and/ or exports, and the network may span just one other country, or reach around the globe.

International logistics can be one of the most complex elements of the supply chain, so our expertise and decades of experience managing international supply chains are invaluable in helping businesses establish and optimise their imports and exports.

Whatever you are shipping, and wherever in the world you are shipping to or receiving goods from, we can help optimise your international logistics, with a focus on your transport options, systems, Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s), and other factors.

This can include running the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for you to find the best LSP option, negotiating and implementing contracts, or upstream consolidation of products. We work with each client to understand their unique context, challenges and opportunities, and help them respond accordingly for optimum results.

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