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Freight and Logistics Solutions

Transport Route Optimisation

Route optimisation is all about running transport at optimum efficiency.

Optimising the route of a fleet of trucks and ensuring high utilisation of vehicles can significantly increase overall business efficiency and performance.

Whether looking to optimise line-haul or close range distribution, route optimisation, rates and truck utilisation are key. This involves optimising drop size, choosing the right size trucks for full utilisation, minimising distance travelled, and reducing labour hours. This can be done on a static and dynamic basis depending on customer requirements.

XAct Solutions uses a proprietary strategic route modelling approach that identifies opportunities within the current baseline, while evaluating and informing the cost-to-serve impact from alternative customer service offerings.

With decades of experience and current industry knowledge, we have the expertise required to help our clients analyse their current systems and optimise their transport options, whether doing it themselves or contracting Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s).

Our in-house developed modelling systems help analyse data including order sizes, order portfolio, days of the week etc. to determine how your transport capabilities can be made more efficient and higher performing.

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