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Industrial Property Solutions

Infrastructure Delivery

Infrastructure delivery involves overseeing the building of new industrial property, including managing the builders and other contractors, the civil work, and other areas of the process.

This kind of project management is crucial to ensuring infrastructure is delivered on schedule and up to standard.

Whether managing a developer, a builder, contractors, or even acting for an occupier who is self funding, XAct Solutions is deeply experienced to ensure that risks are well managed, budgets maintained, and the operational platform is securely established.

From selecting contractors, running a tender process, and negotiating contracts through to overseeing the building timeline, we can take responsibility for getting your industrial property delivered.

We are experts in all areas of construction management and infrastructure delivery, including time management, cost management, scope management, and quality management. We work as our client’s advocate, with a sole focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for their business, particularly in the area of industrial property solutions.

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