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Industrial Property Solutions

Property Procurement

Due to the large investment involved in procuring property and establishing a new warehouse or distribution centre (DC), finding the right property for your needs is crucial.

This is true whether you are purchasing the property or leasing it. Ensuring a property meets the needs of your business involves determining exactly what those needs are and strategising how your business can most benefit from the new space.

XAct Solutions acts on behalf of our clients to manage a wide variety of execution and delivery risks so that client executives can concentrate on day to day business activities. With decades of industry experience, we understand how to manage all elements of property procurement, including finding appropriate properties, negotiating leases or price, and overseeing any work required to fit the warehouse to your needs.

We apply rigorous methodology to establish operational and physical requirements, and are in the unique position of representing the interests of the occupier alone, rather than the landlord or seller. Because of this, our clients secure the best possible deal by having us navigate the industrial property landscape along with them or on their behalf.

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