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Program Management

From strategic planning through to execution, we partner with you to help you drive successful program delivery.

  • Program management is an overarching approach to business solutions and change
  • This can encompass strategic planning, process development and change, infrastructure, organisational change management and more
  • Effective program delivery is always grounded in an organisation’s readiness to execute its strategy – something we excel at
  • Our work is always based on the unique context of your business

Program management is an overarching approach to business solutions, incorporating all the other solutions and services we offer. From business strategy to operational process transformation, right through to infrastructure and organisational change management, we can take a broad look at the needs of your business, and help determine what change is needed in all areas.

We can identify areas that can be optimised and present different solutions, help you make the right decision for your needs, and then drive the chosen change through to completion, overseeing multiple projects forming a total transformation program.

At XAct Solutions, we have decades of proven industry experience overseeing transformational change in supply chain and logistics. Because of this experience, we understand that change doesn’t happen in a spreadsheet or in theory, but rather, requires a holistic view of the company and industry, and a focus on real-world solutions.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to overcome their unique challenges and partnering to ensure change is implemented well. With our expertise and support throughout the change process, you can be confident that the transformation will be effective and well-received by all stakeholders.

Our expertise spans program architecture including workstream design, program mobilisation, execution, and closeout. Each stage is important, and we employ our proven project management methodologies, tools and templates to accelerate progress and ensure outcomes which meet client needs.

Client Challenge

With a growing and evolving market, Saigon Co-op needed to prepare for growth through improvement in efficiency and people capability.

The Situation:

  • Vietnamese economy growing rapidly (6% per year)
  • Changing demographics in the population
  • Existing processes very manual
  • Seeking to improve efficiency and people capability in anticipation of growth, with an automated DC and major change program

The Outcome:

  • DC design on track to reduce footprint by 10% and overall costs by 10%
  • Inventory reduced 5%
  • Transport costs reduced 5%
  • Pick productivity improved by 25%
  • People capability improved among current and emerging leadership
  • Outcomes exceeded original targets

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