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Program Management

Change Management

Experienced managers and executives know that having the organisation’s people engaged, supportive and ready for change is critical to the success of any transformation program.

XAct Solutions has extensive experience in driving successful organisational change, developed from a combination of enterprise transformation experience, and real-world operational experience. This is because most of our consultants are former operational managers in supply chain, distribution centres and industrial property.

As part of our program management, our change management approach includes a focus on managing the ‘macro’ (i.e. whole of organisation) level of change, as well as the ‘micro’ (i.e. personal/individual) level of change. This means we carefully consider the needs of whole groups of impacted stakeholders, planning for their change readiness at a whole-of-organisation level; as well as focusing on the change readiness of each impacted individual.

We also focus on creating demand for change, as well as supplying the tools of readiness for change – so that individuals and the organisation as a whole is as well prepared for change as possible.

XAct’s experience in managing organisational change significantly de-risks complex transformation programs, helps in accelerating time-to-benefits realisation, and contributes to a more harmonious transition.

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