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Program Management

Strategy Execution Readiness

The ability to successfully undertake transformational change in any organisation hinges on the degree to which the organisation is ready to undertake this change. At XAct Solutions, we describe this capability as ‘strategy execution readiness’.

In our experience, strategy execution readiness is comprised of a number of essential capabilities including the leadership team having a shared vision of the future and the way to get there, information flows and the collaboration capabilities of the business, internal project and program management and delivery capabilities, and several other key factors,

Our Strategy Execution Readiness Assessment (SERA) is a diagnostic tool we deploy into client environments to provide a fact-based assessment of these essential capabilities, and enable targeting of areas for improvement or monitoring prior to and during enterprise transformations.

This invaluable toolset provides XAct clients with the reassurance of knowing the state of their transformation capabilities, and reliable data on how these capabilities are developed over time, avoiding unnecessary risks and providing a greater level of assurance for a successful outcome.

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