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Supply Chain Strategy Solutions

Strategically transform your supply chain, informed by your business’s unique context and challenges.

  • Supply chain strategy is about designing a future supply chain to support business goals using a data driven, fact based analysis
  • XAct Solutions can assist with operating model design and network design using our powerful proprietary modelling applications
  • Designing for supply chain synergies in the context of M&As or JVs are integral to our strategy work
  • We take a holistic approach, considering the specific context and requirements of each business
  • We believe in practical, real world solutions, not just theory

Supply chain strategy addresses the physical flow of goods from the point of origin all the way to the end consumer, encompassing raw materials, manufacturing, storage of finished goods, shipping, distribution centres, and delivery. In parallel there is a multiparty information or data exchange that facilitates this physical flow, this exchange is also pivotal to any supply chain strategy exercise.

In some companies the supply chain is linear and only consists of a few nodes, but for many businesses it is a large and complex system. Supply chain strategy is about designing a way of coordinating and managing all of these components to ensure service and cost targets are sustainably met. The primary outcome of a successful supply chain strategy is alignment to the business goals: the future supply chain must dovetail seamlessly into the achievement of strategic business initiatives.

At XAct Solutions, we take the time to understand each business, with all its unique challenges and in its specific industry context. We take a holistic view and help find practical changes that can be made to improve supply chain and to meet customers’ needs more effectively. Our strategic projects are shaped by a list of key questions to answer. These questions are developed with you at the commencement of the project and shape our approach. We return to these at the project conclusion to ensure that we have met your objectives.

Our proven three phase strategy methodology underpins all strategy solutions, but where XAct truly stands apart from competitors is our proprietary network modelling applications – Sirius and Orion – which we leverage in strategic network problem solving.

Mastering complex analysis using these applications allows XAct clients to accurately determine what configuration they need to solve their supply chain issues, avoiding costly guesses.

XAct Solutions strategy projects have typically delivered a minimum of 15-20% savings in operating cost to our clients. The business case for change is also dependable and accurate because we inject our DC, Transport, Planning & Property operational expertise into the strategy process, meaning operational and design issues have not been overlooked when it comes to implementation.

Whether we are dealing with complex networks, expansive product ranges, mergers, online solutions, or global logistics integration, the chances are that our strategy team has solved the exact problem many times before – and can help you transform your business.

Client Challenge

Growing demand had led to pressure on our network. We needed to increase our capacity and prepare for future growth.

The Situation:

  • Growth of eCommerce, parcel and packet volumes putting significant pressure on the network
  • Network operations complex due to different flows for sortation of mail and packets and courier parcels
  • Sortation capacity needed to grow with volume, be able to deal with peak processing nearly double the average, and provide flexibility.

The Outcome:

  • Strategy for an efficient modular processing network backbone developed
  • Designed to grow with demand
  • Provided capabilities to differentiate the client from their competitors.

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