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Supply Chain Strategy Solution

M&A and JV Supply Chain Strategies

XAct’s unique knowledge of the supply chain landscape in Australia enables us to identify disruptive opportunities to transform our client’s supply chains. 

These include the identification and assessment of partnership or joint venture opportunities to determine the supply chain benefits and solutions that can be realised. 

We have helped some of the largest retail and FMCG business in Australia and NZ establish strategic alliances and partnerships including between traditional industry competitors. These alliances have yielded a significant EBIT shift to both partners, well beyond what would have been achieved with a traditional single entity approach to supply chain strategy.

This type of partnership assessment typically involves a review of potential business partners & synergy identification. If promising opportunities can be identified as an independent business we are then positioned to develop detailed benefit assessments and commercial models for joint venture arrangements, while maintaining the confidentiality of each party’s data.

Another area of expertise is supporting corporate and private equity clients to conduct due diligence assessments of candidate mergers and acquisitions.  Our experience enables us to rapidly establish value creation prospects to help inform M&A decisions.

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