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Supply Chain Strategy Solution

Manufacturing Network Strategy

The ability to determine the optimal location in which to manufacture products is critical to ensure both production and down stream logistics costs are minimised.

Our proprietary network modelling tools have enabled us to help our clients make decisions as to where to invest in new lines and factories and where to consolidate and close ageing production assets via quantitative assessment of the integrated supply chain. Working with large, FMCG clients, with large SKU ranges and numerous plants, we have implemented optimisation tools to inform sourcing decisions as part of the periodic planning process supply chain solution to recover from the loss of a major production node in a natural disaster.

Client Challenge

Growing demand had led to pressure on our network. We needed to increase our capacity and prepare for future growth.

The Situation:

  • Growth of eCommerce, parcel and packet volumes putting significant pressure on the network
  • Network operations complex due to different flows for sortation of mail and packets and courier parcels
  • Sortation capacity needed to grow with volume, be able to deal with peak processing nearly double the average, and provide flexibility.

The Outcome:

  • Strategy for an efficient modular processing network backbone developed
  • Designed to grow with demand
  • Provided capabilities to differentiate the client from their competitors.

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