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Supply Chain Strategy Solution

Strategic Network Design

Network design is the process of structuring your supply chain for optimum results for your business and your customers.

This includes making decisions about the location, size and number of nodes (distribution centres, warehouses and other centres) as well as the type of operations that suit your business (e.g. manual or automated). It is also about managing your network of nodes to minimise error and ensure inventory is in the right place at the right time. Whether our clients are managing a large, international supply chain and distribution network or a simple network on a smaller scale, good network design ensures they are getting the most out of their system.

In executing network design projects we utilise one of our two network modelling applications – Sirius or Orion. These XAct Solutions proprietary applications have been behind the design of more than 60 major corporate supply chain configurations across the APAC region.

A successful supply chain network is one that delivers a product to consumers when they want it, where they want it, and that operates efficiently. This means striking a balance between having plenty of inventory without having too much.

Our real-world experience means that we understand network design on a practical level, not just in a spreadsheet and find realistic supply chain solutions. We work with our clients to develop network design strategy that will yield maximum results, and can assist in the implementation of this strategy at all stages.

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