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Supply Chain Strategy Solution

Strategy and Operating Model Design

Operating Model Design is the primary outcome of the development of a future supply chain strategy.

It involves a re-evaluation of all of the components of end-to-end physical and data flows from supplier/s through to customers.

Operating Model Design normally incorporates a process and infrastructure review of supplier linkages, inbound transport, warehousing/hubs, outbound transport, customer linkages and network flows between them. The underpinning enablers of people, organisation and technology required are then also developed.

The foundations of successful Operating Model design executed by XAct Solutions include a sound data-rich bottom-up strategy using scenario modelling analytics, a detailed documentation of the future capabilities required and a gap analysis with regard to the current supply chain capabilities.

We help our clients break any previous inertia with an experience based detailed transition plan and board quality business case that provides them with the confidence required to maintain momentum and move assuredly to detailed design and implementation.

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