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Warehouse and Process Solutions

Optimise your warehouse and distribution centre operations through design and layout, and automation.

  • Warehouses and distribution centres (DC) layouts should be carefully designed for your needs
  • The arrangement of products within the warehouse can significantly increase efficiency
  • Automation can be invaluable for some businesses in reducing labour costs through materials handling equipment and land size requirements through dense storage solutions, as well as improving safety and compliance.
  • XAct Solutions works with you to understand your business and products to help you make decisions regarding your warehouses

Warehouses may store raw materials, finished goods, or products somewhere in between, and may store these goods indefinitely or just for a few days in a distribution centre (DC).

A warehouse or DC is most efficient when it is carefully chosen or designed for the unique needs of a business. Dense block-stacking is the most efficient use of resources in some cases, while racks and floor level pickslots are more appropriate in others.

Choices like these are made by considering the number of different stock-keeping units (SKUs), the velocity of each product, the kinds of products stocked, and the unique context of the business.

XAct Solutions are experts at designing, optimising and managing warehouses and DCs across a range of industries. We have unrivalled expertise in the application of automation and technology, whether that means upgrading Material Handling Solutions (MHS) or determining whether more extensive automation (such as ASRS or automated picking systems) will be beneficial.

In general, these systems can be beneficial for warehouses that have dense storage and products of high volume and high velocity, but can be a poor use of resources for others. We can help you make a confident and well-informed decision about automation for your business. We have completed over 100 distribution centre projects for major clients, and generated a conservative average of 15% reduction in DC operating costs.

Because of our extensive market knowledge, systematic methodology and industry-leading benchmarking capability, we are able to provide our clients with specific plans, automation options, and providers to make their next steps simple.

We can manage the process as companies tender to deliver automation and other solutions. We can also negotiate with third party logistics providers (3PLs) on clients’ behalf, to ensure they are getting exactly what their business needs at the right price.

Value creation is generated for our clients in three ways: operational cost savings, reducing capital investment exposure based on market knowledge, and reducing risk by ensuring commercial terms and conditions reflect the best outcomes for the client.

Client Challenge

The supply chain for Coca-Cola Japan had become complex and inefficient through restructuring and they needed to consolidate and simplify.

The Situation:

  • A major global beverage manufacturer and distributor
  • Multiple mergers over a short period of time had led to a complex and inefficient supply chain
  • An ageing population in Japan was creating challenges
  • Increasing customer demands were impacting company margins

The Outcome:

  • Operating costs reduced by an estimated 12%
  • A safer and simpler network model
  • Plans in place to address the forecasted labour shortage in Japan through the introduction of Automation
  • An ongoing relationship with the client to manage the implementation of the program as well as lead the improvement of
  • Distribution Centre and Transport operations.

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