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Warehouse and Process Solutions

DC Design

Distribution centre (DC) design or warehouse design encompasses strategic solutions, concept design and detailed design.

The right DC design can increase customer satisfaction and lower costs significantly. To design an effective DC, objectives must be clear, challenges and constraints must be analysed, and all the relevant details of products must be determined, including volume, velocity and number of stock-keeping units (SKUs). Only then can you assess your options for your warehouse layout, automation, and warehouse management.

XAct Solutions has the operational and technical depth to develop pragmatic general and warehouse solutions – manual, mechanised and automated – designed to achieve strategic requirements, operational change, return on investment and cost savings.

With our industry expertise and extensive experience, we are able to help our clients at every stage, from planning their DC design at a high level to finding the right contractors to help put it into practice, and seeing the project through to completion.

Our expertise in this area covers flow design, materials handling solutions, productivity optimisation and labour modelling, DC configuration and layout, external layout, business case inputs, transition plans, and detailed solution design and integration.

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