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Warehouse and Process Solutions

DC Optimisation

DC Optimisation typically includes a review of process flow, labour scheduling, layouts, use of materials handling systems and the enabling WMS.

Successful businesses are constantly adapting their products and services to meet evolving customer expectations and competitive situations. Technology options available to warehousing and distribution also continue to evolve, improve and proliferate. However, it is common that existing DC operations will have changed little since the day they opened, whether due to perceptions of inflexible infrastructure, focus on other business priorities or limitations in knowledge, and as such, DC operations are often an untapped source of sizeable cost savings.

After gaining a clear understanding of future requirements and objectives, and using our systematic approach, XAct’s DC Optimisation team has the operational experience and technical expertise to perform diagnostic reviews, benchmark existing operations, identify issues and their root cause, propose and prioritise practical solutions and determine the benefits.

Ways in which we have delivered value to our clients include optimisation of labour planning, product slotting, DC layout and function, operational methodologies and the identification of appropriate technology and materials handling equipment opportunities.

XAct is also ready to help implement optimisation projects, develop operating procedures, prepare training materials, and manage change within operations.

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