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Warehouse and Process Solutions

Store/Branch Optimisation

Store or Branch optimisation typically includes a review of process flow from the receipt of goods at the back dock through to the replenishment of shelves for customer presentation.

Many businesses are now aware of the high cost of moving product from the delivery vehicle to the shelf. For a business with a large network of stores it can be up to 60% of total operating costs. The payback opportunity to optimise this facet of business operations is most often quite immense.

Our team are experienced in retail and other consumer facing environments and aware of the importance of the overall effectiveness of instore logistics activities and its role in enhancing staff time spent on consumers.

Our design team will work with you to ensure that your desired merchandising and service objectives are achieved through the use of well-designed processes, roles, integrated layouts, storage mediums and removal of non-value-adding activities.

Our work now commonly incorporates the need to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate the picking and packing of online orders into the store environment. XAct has proven experience in diagnosing, redesigning (using lean principles), and identifying enabling technologies applicable in your store or branch operations.

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