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Warehouse and Process Solutions

Warehouse Slotting Optimisation

Decisions about slotting – which product is placed in which location in a warehouse or distribution centre (DC) – are central to the efficiency and effectiveness of a business.

By running an ABC analysis of the velocity of each stock-keeping unit (SKU), it is possible to drastically increase productivity by lowering travel time and related labour costs, just by re-slotting products within your warehouse or DC. This can also work in conjunction with decisions about fit-out and warehouse storage solutions, from racking and pallets to floor level pick slots.

Our decades of industry experience have provided us with proven expertise in slotting that can help our clients overcome common pitfalls and streamline their warehouse layout for increased order picking productivity.

We work with you to perform a diagnostic of current operations, identify solutions and improvements, and help to implement these changes. Our expertise also covers fit-out, integration with operations and systems, effective testing and commissioning

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