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Warehouse and Process Solutions

WMS Procurement

XAct Solutions can run an effective independent procurement process for your new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Given the deep expertise that XAct Solutions has in the area of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) design, implementation and operation, we are well equipped to procure the most suitable system for your needs at the most competitive price.

In many situations our clients require a holistic review of existing manufacturing facilities that will be interacting with the new warehousing facility. XAct Solutions has the capability to assess production line operations and identify warehouse solutions and opportunities for improvement in terms of capacity, equipment and process flow and create a design that ensures a seamless operation between production and distribution operations.

Client Challenge

The supply chain for Coca-Cola Japan had become complex and inefficient through restructuring and they needed to consolidate and simplify.

The Situation:

  • A major global beverage manufacturer and distributor
  • Multiple mergers over a short period of time had led to a complex and inefficient supply chain
  • An ageing population in Japan was creating challenges
  • Increasing customer demands were impacting company margins

The Outcome:

  • Operating costs reduced by an estimated 12%
  • A safer and simpler network model
  • Plans in place to address the forecasted labour shortage in Japan through the introduction of Automation
  • An ongoing relationship with the client to manage the implementation of the program as well as lead the improvement of
  • Distribution Centre and Transport operations.

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