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What Sets Us Apart

XAct Solutions transforms supply chains. We are dedicated to achieving Supply Chain change throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

High Performance Delivered

We work with our clients from start to finish, that is, to define a compelling vision, to design and build pragmatic solutions, and to implement them. Our passion is for making change, not just talking about it.

Functional Expertise

Combining deep supply chain and industrial property capability, we help our clients achieve better influence and control over program outcomes, as well as access to a broader range of benefits.

Dedicated Focus

We only transform supply chains! Through our history of successful programs, we have developed robust in-house tools and approaches, because we know that confidence in a vision, a design and a plan as well as successful execution of it requires thoroughness and detail. Doing things at a high level achieves little.

Calibre of Team

Our people are the region’s leading industry practitioners in Industrial Property, Logistics and Project Management, who bring both operational experience and a seasoned perspective to the realities of managing change.


XAct owes its success to the experience, knowledge, and practical consulting approach of our team of experienced professionals. Our people are distributed across the Asia Pacific region and are all experienced career professionals specialising in aspects of supply chain, property and program delivery.

XAct’s team of professionals enable us to provide seamless, end-to-end solutions for our clients – from supply chain and real estate strategy, through future state modelling, through to full implementation.


XAct Solutions has developed an extensive range of applications and decision support tools to dramatically enhance the delivery of insights into our clients’ businesses, and drive dramatic results.

Our proprietary network modelling applications – Sirius and Orion – are unique in their ability to not only model multiple network scenarios, but also dynamically derive accurate facility costs from the bottom up. There is no other “off the shelf” network modelling tool capable of providing such detailed modelling capabilities – capable of generating powerful insights for XAct clients, to enable confident decisions.

Data and Benchmarking

XAct Solutions benchmarking and best practice database is unparalleled in terms of its breadth and depth – we are confident that there is no other comparable logistics and industrial property database in the services industry across the region.

Our investments in data management provide XAct clients with a clear competitive advantage when considering new initiatives, and provide our clients with additional insights into their organisation’s performance relative to peers, and fact-based analyses linked to new options.


XAct Solutions has invested heavily in creating an integrated suite of consulting methodologies which spans its full offerings suite: Supply Chain Strategy, Network Design, Warehouse  Design & Operation, Demand and Supply Planning, Freight & Logistics Outsourcing, Industrial Property Solutions, and Program Management.

Our methodologies include proven approach tools, templates, models and thought leadership which dramatically accelerate time-to-value for XAct clients, drive productivity, and provide consistency of approach for our clients.

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