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XAct Solutions wins SCLAA award for the second year running

In late 2018, XAct Solutions and our partner client, Coca Cola Bottlers Japan, won the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics International Supply Chain award at the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) gala dinner in Sydney. This was the second year running that XAct Solutions have received the award, having been successful in 2017 with our client partner Saigon Co-op, the largest grocery retailer in Vietnam.

Firstly, we must acknowledge the superb role that the SCLAA plays as the preeminent association for supply chain and logistics, as well as its support for the development and delivery of supply chain excellence in Australia and New Zealand. The SCLAA describes the International Supply Chain Award as an acknowledgement for a company, association or individual (that may operate internationally) able to demonstrate their capability, commitment and achievements across any spectrum of the sciences, practices, disciplines or efforts to promote and improve the knowledge and acceptance of the supply chain’s importance. In essence, it recognises that supply chains have no boundaries.

XAct Solutions’ success confirms our regional team’s capability to comfortably architect and deliver complex supply chain programs throughout diverse markets across Asia Pacific. Our team has developed a unique understanding of the requirements for delivering sustainable benefits to our clients in the context of different cultures, languages, physical geographies and geopolitical settings. XAct Solutions aims to customise our extensive skills and knowledge to each situation and we believe that the key to success is pursuing the most suitable solutions, which will undoubtedly vary for each client and market situation.

This point is well illustrated by the background circumstances of the SCLAA awards of 2017 and 2018. Saigon Co-op is a locally owned grocery business operating in Vietnam, a developing economy with a young workforce, huge entrepreneurial spirit and some of the highest economic growth rates in the region. We have worked with Saigon Co-op for the past two years to improve their supply chain’s operational performance while simultaneously developing a physical logistics infrastructure and technology network program for the future. The network program will position Saigon Co-op to meet the anticipated future demands of huge store growth and allow them to operate their supply chain to a standard comparable to leading global grocery retail businesses. Distribution centres featuring appropriate automation will be the first of their type in Vietnam. It is an aspirational program for Saigon Co-op, but achievable with XAct Solutions’ support.

A market in the region that differs greatly from Vietnam is Japan. Our client partner, Coca Cola Bottlers, is operating in an economy with very low growth rates, an aging population and are also competing with a mature beverage industry operating with globally ranked supply chain practices. There has been a significant challenge to deliver step-by-step change and sustainable improvements in efficiency, requiring our team to deliver some of the world’s most innovative and customised network and distribution centre design work in the beverage industry. The Shinsei program is the result of Coca Cola Bottlers’ two year partnership with XAct Solutions. It has seen the Japanese division progress with a clear vision not only of a future supply chain network, but also into the current phase of developing multiple new automated distribution centres and transport operations that will establish a new benchmark in Japan.

This regional project presence is not coincidental for XAct Solutions. Since the establishment of our first Asian office in Singapore in 2013, XAct Solutions have deliberately pursued a vision of becoming the leading supply chain and industrial property consulting business across the Asia Pacific region. Our focus in developing our team, project approaches, methodologies and tools reflect our long term vision for the business.